Best of ASCO Romania, VIIth edition's FAQ

This year’s Medisprof Association’s officially licensed Best of ASCO Conference is a Virtual
one. All our efforts are going into assuring an online experience worth of the ASCO licensing
programme for our participants.
Please, find below our answers to your most frequently asked questions:

What does Best of ASCO Virtual Conference mean?

This means that, same as the ASCO Annual Meeting, the event will be held online, with both
recorded presentations and live interventions from the faculty, moderators and others.

What is the final registration date?

You will be able to register to participate in the conference until the 24 th of June.

How can I pay for my registration?

You can pay directly online by debit/credit card, through the payment platform euplatesc,
available on our website.
You can also contact us at office@cancereducation.ro for bank transfer payments and

Can I pay for someone else/can someone else use my access?

You can pay for someone else but if you want someone else to use your access (1
registration pass = 1 access), please make sure to write to us at least 2 days prior to the
conference and let us know that person’s email address.

How will I access the Virtual Conference?

You will receive an email (at the address with which you registered on our website) with
your credentials/access.

Will I have access to the presentations after the conference dates?

Yes, we will provide access to the content for at least 30 days after the conference.
However, you will not be able to download the presentations.

How will I benefit from EMC credits?

You will receive EMC credits according to your presence at the virtual conference (1hour = 1
credit). You will be monitored through our platform and we will know if you have clicked
away from it.

Once the conference is over, you will receive an EMC credits certificate after completing a
short satisfaction survey.

If I decide not to attend, will I get a refund?

Unless you requested a refund at least 2 days prior to the event, we will not be able to
refund you.